About Us

We are a positive messaging campaign group highlighting the benefits of an off road Greenway for all the Community. We came about due to the relatively negative discourse which had surrounded the Connemara Greenway, and aim to change this to a more positive narrative.

To see the completion of the Connemara Greenway as soon as possible.
For the process to be fair and respectful to landowners.
The Greenway should be an off road, cycle/walk way which is away from vehicular traffic and adheres to the definition of a Greenway under the Lille Declaration, 12th  September 2000 (1).
The route should follow the old railway line as much as is possible.
There should be a right to privacy for those dwellings that are on or close to the route.
The people in the towns, villages and town lands along the route need to have some input into the development of the Greenway. They should be included in the consultation process and also be responsible for how it develops.

Moycullen Community Development Association, An Meitheal Rothair, Galway Chamber of Commerce, Connemara Chamber of Commerce (Clifden), HSE Healthy Cities, Chroi, Galway’s West End, Galway’s Latin Quarter, local businesses, hoteliers, community groups and landowners living along the route.