Submissions to Draft Galway County Development Plan 2022-2028

Do you want to be able to cycle safely from Galway city through Moycullen and on to Connemara?

Are you fed up with how long it is taking to build the Connemara Greenway?

If yes then you can do something about it… how?

The Draft Galway County Development Plan 2022-2028
is open for submissions until the 30th July @4.30pm

It is very easy to make a submission – it will take you 5-10 minutes. Log on now:

Flag your concerns at how long it is taking. Every submission makes a difference. The more submissions that are made about the Connemara Greenway, the higher priority it will be given in the plan. Please do not depend on others to do this. Be personally active in making the Connemara Greenway a priority for Galway County Council.

These Connemara Greenway submissions are relevant to a number of chapters of the Draft Development plan:

Chapter 6: Transport and Movement
Chapter 8: Tourism and Landscape
Chapter 10: Natural Heritage, Biodiversity and Green/Blue Infrastructure

Pick the chapter that you feel most suits. Sample submissions are provided below. Feel free to copy-paste if the sentiments match yours.

  1. Further delays are not acceptable: the building of the Connemara Greenway has already taken too long. Galway County Council needs to prioritise this. A dedicated off road cycleway between Galway city and Clifden was first touted in the early 2000s and committed to by local and national authorities in 2014. 7 years later, some of the greenway has been completed in the most remote parts of county Galway. The original railway connecting Galway city and Clifden took 6 years from planning to completion in the 1890s. It is 7 years since state funding set aside €2 million for the Connemara Greenway. We need to see some proper progress with regard to the starting and completion of the Connemara Greenway especially the parts connecting to the city of Galway.
  2. Build the Connemara Greenway from the City out: It is good that progress has been made with building the greenway around Ballynahinch and Clifden however the biggest benefit to citizens of Galway is if the section from Galway City to Moycullen and Oughterard can be completed sooner. This will make the greenway accessible to over 70,000 citizens that will not need to drive somewhere to get on the greenway. The estimated economic benefit of the Greenway is €17 million. The majority of this money will spread from the city outwards. The massive potential of the greenway will only be realised once the city is connected to the region.
  3. Moycullen Bypass. Galway County Council needs to use strategic, joined-up thinking in relation to how the Connemara Greenway intersects with other transportation infrastructure in and around Moycullen. Currently it is not clear how the greenway will be connected to Moycullen while work has already started on the Moycullen bypass. Please ensure that there is an integrated, holistic approach to how the Connemara Greenway passes through the parish of Moycullen that ensures accessibility and optimal use.
  4. Oughterard: the plans for the Connemara Greenway need to bring the greenway users into Oughterard with multiple access points from the greenway into the village rather than having a main “stop” on the Clifden side of the village. Any piece of infrastructure relies as much on the quality of its connectivity as it does on the materials used to construct it. A greenway that is connected is a greenway that will bring all the benefits from health, commercial, alternative transport options. A line drawn through the countryside dictated by the laws of least resistance does not.

Submit as many times as you want. It is the only time that you will be able to have your voice heard by and listened to by the Galway County Council so please do not pass up this opportunity.