Update on Greenway from Galway to Oughterard by Cllr. Noel Thomas

Galway to Oughterard Greenway

At this morning’s (5th March 2021) municipal meeting the director of services for roads Jim Cullen announced that the greenway project from Galway to Oughterard was going to experience some further delay’s. The reason for this is that the level of investigation has to be intensified along the route. There has to be more detailed environmental reports and site investigations carried out. This has become necessary as a result of the An Board Pleanala verdict on the proposed greenway in Kerry.

While I am very disappointed to hear of the delay I am also happy to see that there is great care being taken to ensure that when we do proceed with a planning application and that hopefully it will will be flawless and successful.

I have been assured that the re procurement process will be dealt with as quickly as possible but it is not possible to give a timeframe yet as to when the works will be completed, some of the investigation works need to be carried out during the winter months so it will probably be next year at the earliest before an application can be lodged.

It is vital that when we do proceed to planning that we have everything correct as this Greenway is an absolute must have for Conamara from an economic, health, tourism, transport and wellbeing perspective.

Cllr Noel Thomas is a Member of Galway County Council for the Conamara and Aran Islands Local Electoral Area.